King's Way UMC - February 2019

Written on 03/05/2019
Lauren Miers

On January 12th-19th, King’s Way UMC in Springfield sent a of group twenty people to Puerto Rico. On the trip, there were participants born in every decade from the 1940s to the 2000s! On top of that, our group was joined by a group of fourteen college students from SUNY-Geneseo, a group with which we quickly bonded.

Unlike other Missouri Conference groups, our group got to go to Patillas on the southeastern coast of the main island. We were broken into four teams, with teams working in Patillas as well as the neighboring communities of Arroyo, Guayama, and Maunabo. One of our teams spent the week building a roof and an interior wall in a house. Two groups used most of their time installing exterior windows and interior doors while the final group spent much of the week preparing and painting a house.

It was an incredible week of seeing how God continues to work through recovery efforts in Puerto Rico. While we were in Puerto Rico, one team heard from a Methodist Church in Puerto Rico staff person about a recent article in a San Juan newspaper with a headline that said “Everyone Else Goes Home; Methodists Still Here.” What a joy to be a part of our Conference’s efforts in Puerto Rico!