Blue Springs UMC - January 2019

Written on 01/31/2019
Lauren Miers

We painted the ceiling of the two-story house that had been begun the previous week by another team. We came close to finishing, but rainy weather prohibited the completion of roof repairs that were necessary before the final bit of ceiling could be completed. The bulk of our time was spent clearing the grounds at the parsonage for Pastor Carmen. We cut down trees and brush,enabling her to see the ocean from her home. Some of our team began digging post holes for a fence to keep the neighboring goats out of the yard. Others powerwashed the roof and foundation wall. There will be much work ahead for successive teams to get that property in shape. In talking to Pastor Carmen, we came to a better understanding of the stress of serving in this pastorate during and after Hurricane Maria, and we pray that our work will provide encouragement for her and her community.