Keystone Team - August 4-11

Written on 09/14/2018
Lauren Miers

The service team from Keystone and Revolution United Methodist Churches in Kansas City were on Vieques from August 7-10. In addition to engaging with the community and worshiping with the Methodist Church in Esperanza, the team was able to work on both the church's second floor and on the medical clinic in preparation for the upcoming open clinic day. 

While on site, the team:

- hand-mixed concrete and poured it on the second floor in preparation for the pillars which will support the roof on the second floor

- cleared out the detritus from Hurricane Maria that had been throughout the second floor

- built and installed forms for the pillars to support the roof

- continued the cleaning and organization of the medical supplies and treatment rooms in the medical clinic

- dozens of other small things to assist the church in its ministries to the people of Esperanza and the rest of Vieques. 

The team was clearly a link in a chain of productivity - picking up where prior teams had stopped, and doing establishing work for the teams that are to follow.