Missouri Teams That Served In Puerto Rico 2018-2019

Written on 06/20/2018
Lauren Miers

Our Missouri Conference has responded! We celebrate the over 60 teams that worked alongside our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico! Below is a list of teams that signed-up to serve before July 2019.

First UMC (Odessa)
Saint Clair/Fairview 
Cameron UMC
St. Luke's UMC
Platte City UMC
East Prairie
Chillicothe UMC
Lacleade/Meadville UMC
Aurora — 10 Medical
St. Paul's (Joplin)
Marshfield UMC
Arlington UMC
Sunrise UMC Students
Ozark UMC
Hood UMC
Pathways (Alba)
First UMC (Monett)
Community UMC
Cassville UMC
First (Odessa) UMC
Saint Clair/Fairview
Agency and Evolution
Cameron UMC
College-Age Team led by Sarah Dumas
Missouri Leaders led by Lucas Endicott
Liberty UMC
Missouri Leaders led by Lucas Endicott
Gateway Central District led by Phil Estes
LaCroix UMC
Neosho UMC
Bishop Farr and Provisional Members
Christ UMC (Independence)
Church of the Shepherd
Schweitzer UMC
King's Way UMC
Central UMC KC
First UMC Blue Springs
Webster Hills UMC
Southeast District
Albany UMC
Palmyra UMC
Nelson Memorial (Boonville)
Southwest City/Noel/Pineville
St. Paul UMC (St. Joseph)
Schweitzer UMC – College Students
Momentum College Ministry
Ignite College Ministry
Central Methodist University
University of Missouri
Northwest Wesley Foundation
Lafayette Park/Cetenary
Platte Woods UMC