Teams Volunteering in Puerto Rico

Our Missouri Conference has responded! Check out the list of teams headed to Puerto Rico, and be in prayer for their time on the island. If you or your church are interested in sending a team, please contact Lucas Endicott.


Higginsville/Lexington Team - January 2019

We had a great trip and felt like we made a difference in the family we helped as well as allowing the people of Vieques to change ours. Our team would go back again as we met some wonderful people! We tore a roof off and replaced it as well as tearing out all the wood on the second floor as it was moldy. We then painted all of the interior. The family we helped was a mom with two adopted children. As we had team members with adopted children we felt a bond was created.


Gateway Central Team - August 2018

On August 25, 2018, a five-member team hopped an early morning flight to Puerto Rico to serve our Lord by serving new friends on the small island of Vieques, Puerto Rico. One year after Hurricane Maria affected this island community with 175 mile per hour winds, water and debris, the recovery continues. This team included District Superintendent Londia Granger Wright, Manchester UMC Pastor of Administration and Generosity Phil Estes, Lay volunteers Mike Clement and Ron McCoy, also of Manchester UMC, and Susan Zahringer, Communications Coordinator at Arlington UMC.


Neosho UMC Team Update - October 2018

The Neosho United Methodist Church sent 15 people to Vieques September 22-29. Besides the Neosho members, the group included members of Ashland Methodist Church in St. Joseph, as well as Cross Church of Neosho. Our projects consisted of:


Liberty UMC Team - June 2018

This past June, Liberty UMC sent a team of five people to Puerto Rico for a week to serve alongside our Methodist brothers and sisters on the island of Vieques. With the damage from Hurricane Maria still evident on the Methodist Church in Esperanza, we worked with the foreman, our translator, and a few of the church members, to build and prepare pillars made out of rebar that will eventually support the outer wall and roof of the church. But we first had to dig out a 60' trench, 2' deep and 3' wide.


Keystone Team - August 4-11

The service team from Keystone and Revolution United Methodist Churches in Kansas City were on Vieques from August 7-10. In addition to engaging with the community and worshiping with the Methodist Church in Esperanza, the team was able to work on both the church's second floor and on the medical clinic in preparation for the upcoming open clinic day.


August 2018

Progress! As of the last week of July, the roof on the guesthouse is complete meaning the site can now use all 53 of its beds. The pillars to hold up the roof over the church are now also poured, and the rock and sand is ready for the next team! Some great organizational advances have been made as well:


May 2018

A team of Missouri pastors and lay people helped replace a destroyed roof on the back of the guest house in Vieques in early May. Progress was also made on supplying and organizing the clinic.


March 2018

In late March, a team of college-age persons served in Vieques and helped add a roof to the guesthouse.


Bishop Farr visits Puerto Rico

Bishop Farr and an advance mission team visited Puerto Rico in mid-March. See the May issue of The Missouri Methodists for more on Bishop's trip the Conference's partnership in Puerto Rico.