Celebrating Recovery in Puerto Rico!

The Missouri Conference surpassed the goal of giving $150,000 to Puerto Rico for hurricane recovery that was set during Annual Conference Session in 2018!

The total given to Puerto Rico was $165,471 in cash donations in the past year. A portion of that, $21,739, came from the offering taken at the 2019 Session of the Missouri Annual Conference. An additional $30,000 was given specifically for vehicles.

Missouri Conference Mission Strategist Lucas Endicott also reported that the Missouri Conference has not just donated monetarily but has also given generously of their time and talents by sending over 60 volunteer teams to aid in disaster recovery. These teams also bolstered the local economy by paying for transportation, accommodations and food.

“Behind all these statistics are stories of transformation. While we have been helping rebuild, we also have benefitted greatly from our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico,” Endicott said.

A representative from the Iglesia Metodista de Puerto Rico, Glorymar Rivera Baez, expressed thanks for the Missouri Conference’s participation. She grew up as the daughter of a Methodist pastor and thought she knew what connection was. But the idea of connection is abstract, she said, until you see it in action.

“I truly understood what a connectional system is after Hurricane Maria,” she said. “The response from Methodists around the world, but particularly from the U.S., was wonderful.”